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Thank you for visiting DEF website.
We will show you that our greatest strength is QUANTITY.
The large volume of client orders reflect the high satisfaction of our customers and repeated orders from them represent our consistent reliability.
We believe that we are the most dependable company that can meet any client’s demand.

Consider the following concerns that you may have:

 “ Is it possible to create such a subtle product in a short time ? ”
 “ In order to work with several suppliers, it may be difficult to manage the project. ”
 “ I would like to build an electronic-type model, but designing seems to be difficult. ”
 “ I have no idea what kind of materials are necessary for this work. ”
 “ Is it going to be well if I order this job to an individual designer ? ”
 “ Is it possible to deliver safely a huge model to a distant place ? ”
 " Is it possible for such a low budget ? " and so on,

We can provide the right solutions for all of the above and more.

Please feel free to consult us for any concerns or requirements.

We are looking forward to being your partner and we can guarantee you great satisfaction.
We have earned a great reputation not only in Japan but also overseas with our coherent solution for one-stop process package of planning, fabrication, construction and maintenance.

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Company Profile
 Company Name :DEF Co., Ltd.
 Date Foundation :1978
 Date Established :May 1, 1985
 Location :Mizuho office / Studio
  424-1 Ishihata Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1211  nextGuide map
  TEL: 042-556-3834 FAX: 042-556-3843
 Capital :15,000,000 yen
 Representative Director :Fumio Harada
 Business :Display Models/Murals Design and Fabrication
 Transacting Banks :Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/Mizuho Bank
 Business License :Tokyo Metropolitan General Construction Permit
 License Number: Tokyo Governor’s Office Permit (General -21) No. 133 329
 Construction Type: Interior Finishing Industry
 Business Category :Marketing and Design/ Display Design and Engineering/ 3D modeling, Replica Model, Diorama, Mural and Illustration

Organizational Chart
Organization Chart

Guide Map
Guide Map 会社資料表紙

We will send you our company brochure (A4 size, 16 pages, Japanese Only) free of charge to introduce our services upon your request.
Please fill in the request form in the “Contact Us” page.

■DEF Co., Ltd. < Mizuho Office / Studio>
 424-1 Ishihata, Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1211
 TEL: 042-556-3834 FAX: 042-556-3843