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Fumio Harada / President and Representative Director

Since its establishment in 1985, DEF has designed and produced a great number of exhibits in the display industry, such as FRP models, models made from other various materials and scales, replicas with precise color painting, mock-ups, and dioramas.

Moreover, for graphic products, we have provided illustrations, huge murals,
background paintings of dioramas, 3DCG illustrations, and so on.
For museums and PR halls of corporations, we have designed, produced and assembled many kinds of display fixtures to support exhibits using various materials such as acrylic resin, metal, etc.

Furthermore, we fabricate special exhibits such as explanation apparatus.
With abundant experiences, knowledge and techniques, DEF can offer the entire spectrum of exhibit works from designing to installation.

As we are equipped now, we challenge to establish new fields of fusion of modeling and precision machining.

“Raising quality” has always been our goal.

Allow us help you create your customized-made product fast, cost-efficiently and with high quality solution.

Fumio Harada
President and Representative Director
DEF Co., Ltd.